Cedar Spring's Rabbitry

Holland Lops

Sales Policy & FAQ 

A deposit is required to hold any bunny.

Bunnies are available to leave at eight weeks of age. We understand that new families are often anxious to get their new family member. It is important that baby rabbits stay with us till eight weeks old. New families must keep their scheduled pickup appointment. If the bunny is not picked up at the appointed time deposit will be withheld as a reposting fee and the bunny will be made available for sale.

All of our bunnies come with a seven day health guarantee. If at any time during the first seven days after leaving the rabbitry the bunny is determined sick or genetically defective by a certified veterinarian the buyer may return the bunny for a full refund or replacement bunny after the breeder has had the bunny taken to the vet for a 2nd opinion. If the bunny is not returned to the breeder, no replacement and no refund will be offered. 

The two things not covered by our health guarantee are common fur mites and coccidia. Our momma rabbits are unmedicated with insecticide during pregnancy and rearing of young. Although rare, bunnies can have fur mites which are harmless in small numbers and easily killed with feline advantage. 

It is estimated that eighty percent of all rabbits in the world carry coccidia which is a protozoan parasite that can contribute to diarrhea during periods of stress. In adults rabbits with strong immune systems the parasite is often undetected. Treatment trials involving sulfa drugs show that while infected rabbits can have their parasite loads reduced during treatment, after treatment stops parasite loads increase. This is due to rabbits ingesting their own feces multiple times a day which causes reinfection. Families are encouraged to talk to their vet if there are any concerns.

Rabbits sold as pets and or are not permanently identified with an ear tattoo prior to leaving the rabbitry do not come with a pedigree. Rabbits sold for breeding or showing must be tattooed prior to leaving the rabbitry and will come with a pedigree. Rabbits sold as pets cannot be issued pedigrees after leaving the rabbitry. 

Families with known rabbit allergies are not eligible to be adoptive families. Families that are not sure if there are rabbit allergies in the family or not should do an allergen test prior to inquiring about a bunny. If a family brings a bunny home and it is discovered that a family member is allergic, the new family can return the bunny without refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Holland Lops make good pets?

A: Holland Lops make excellent pets. 

Q: Do Holland Lops make good pets for children? 

A: Holland Lops make excellent pets for anyone responsible who understands the likes and dislikes of rabbits, and who is also able do daily tasks of feeding watering and cage cleaning. 

A: Do rabbits need vaccinations?

Q: Rabbits do not require vaccinations. Rabbit vaccines are not usually readily available. The disease(s) rabbit vaccinations protect against are so rare in domestic rabbits in the United States that your rabbit has a greater chance of dying from an allergic reaction as a result of being vaccinated than from the actual disease the vaccine protects against. 

Q: Do rabbits like to be picked up?

A: Rabbits prefer to have all four paws on the ground. Being suspended in the air is unpleasant to rabbits. 

Q: Our friend has a rabbit that loves being picked up. Do your bunnies like being handled? 

A: Young bunnies are usually tolerant of handling. However just because a bunny isn’t kicking while being held doesn’t mean the bunny likes being held. Having a rabbit as a pet is different than having a puppy or kitten as a pet. Rabbits are prey animals and as such their instincts are all about avoiding predation. We work to encourage trust in our bunnies. One of the ways we do that is by acknowledging their natural likes and dislikes and not grabbing them out of their cages unnecessarily. In general being forcibly removed from a cage and being suspended in the air is frightening and unpleasant for rabbits.

Q: Do male or female rabbits make better pets?

A: Both male and female rabbits make excellent pets. Male bunnies are less likely to develop territorial behaviors. Females can make excellent pets for responsible bunny owners if a person practices respect for handling of them from a young age. Females tend to be less forgiving of miss handling and can become protective of their bodies and their enclosures if they have not been treat trained and or are forcibly removed from their cage on a regular basis.

Q: How much are your Holland Lops?

A: Prices of Holland Lops vary depending on color quality and age. Prices are listed on our for sale page along with pictures and other details for each of our available bunnies. 

Q: How do I reserve a bunny?

A: Bunnies can be reserved in person or online. Online our bunnies are listed on our “Available Bunnies” page. There is an option under each of our Holland Lops to reserve a bunny. Click the link underneath any “available bunny” picture. It will redirect to the “reservation/shipping” page. On that page there is an option to reserve a bunny for $40. Unless indicated, all our bunnies require a $40 deposit. Enter the name of the bunny to be reserved and complete the reservation.

Q: When do I pick up my rabbit?

A: Bunnies are available to be picked up by appointment on the first Saturday after their available date between 9:30am and 11:30am EST.

Q: How much does Spaying/Neutering cost?

A: It varies. Your vet will be able to provide a quote.