Cedar Spring's Rabbitry

Holland Lops

Jr. Bicardi / Sr. Bicardi Comparison

 This is a study of Bicardi at 10 wks vs. 1 year. He was the largest but least attractive bunny in a litter of six. He had a good body at 10 weeks old as did the other five in the litter, but his ears were quite long and his crown was slipped. As you can see the slipped crown has not much improved with age, however he did grow into his ears even though they are still a tad long. I love this buck because there are three things he contributes that makes him invaluable for my herd. #1) He improves tight crowns. #2) He contributes his good body type, and #3.) He improves litter vitality with all my "dwarf carrying" Does. So far he has not produced any babies as goofy looking as he was at ten weeks old.

Jr. Primrose / Sr. Primrose Comparison

Primrose was very cute as a baby. The points on this girl darkened as she got older. Her tight crown also improved as she got older, although she still has quite a bit of ear control.  

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